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What Do People Love About Living in the New River Valley?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked on Facebook and Twitter “what do you love about living in the New River Valley?”  I was overwhelmed with responses, both in messages on Facebook, or tweets, or emails and in one case, a text.  Here’s a list, unedited, of some of the reasons why people are so in love with the New River Valley (well, bolding or links are mine … so it’s partially unedited).  Leave some more reasons in the comments? Read More

A NYC Native Shows Off Some Of What Southwest VA Has To Offer

I love living in the New River Valley. I could name fifty reasons why right off the bat, and if you gave me five minutes I could come up with another fifty pretty easily, I’m sure. My friends scattered around the country – in NYC, in PA, in Chicago – don’t quite understand why I’d want to live in a little valley here in Southwest VA. “We have Broadway”, they say, or mention Wrigley Field as if a plane isn’t available to me somehow. Sure, it’s SWVA, but it’s not like we have to walk ten miles to “get to town”, you know? Read More

How To Buy A Short Sale

Last week I talked about having a short sale right down the street from an upcoming listing.  It’s not the greatest deal in the world, to have a house just steps away that’s being sold for less than what is owed on it, but it is what it is.  My sellers are realistic, they’ve got a house that’ll be priced right and will show great, and we’ll continue on. Read More

“Best in the New River Valley” series – Part 4

Welcome to a new week, and another in the “Best in the New River Valley” series!  In part 1, we introduced Coldwell Banker Townside, the real estate company you voted #1 in the New River Valley.  In part 2, we introduced yours truly and my snake charming skills.  Part 3 included an interview with Mike Eggleston, the agent voted #1 in the New River Valley, and in today’s video, we asked others what they thought about Mike and myself – you might be surprised at their answers. Read More