“Best in the New River Valley” series – Part 3

The Best in the New River Valley series continues today!  We had fun with Part 1 and Part 2, and this time we introduce Mike Eggleston, the New River Valley’s #1 real estate agent in 2009 as voted by Roanoke Times readers.

Don’t forget to vote!  Voting is now open at The Roanoke Times‘ website, or by clicking through on this link, and the deadline to cast your vote is February 14th.

Disclaimer #1 – your participation entitles you to nothing but our undying admiration. And – we hope – perhaps a chuckle or three.

Disclaimer #2 – thank you for thinking so much of us.  Seriously.  We’ve had a lot of fun with these videos, and we hope that you enjoy them, but in all honesty none of this would be happening if you didn’t think well of us and vote.

Disclaimer #3 – see Disclaimers 1 and 2.  Rinse and repeat.

1 thought on ““Best in the New River Valley” series – Part 3

  1. Brian

    I voted based on what I could remember. No Maple Ridge (?) in the development listings? Best of luck to you.

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