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From Inman.com – The Anatomy of a Real Estate Appraisal

This article is cut and pasted from Inman.com, with a link to the full article here.  I didn’t want it disappearing behind their pay wall.  Every area is a little bit different, but this is a good, comprehensive look at the mechanics of a home appraisal.  You can find New River Valley real estate tax rates here. Read More

Why Is It Harder To Sell A Blacksburg Condominium?

Condos going up or down?

Recently, I was talking with someone regarding the oversupply of condominiums in the Blacksburg market, and I was asked what I thought it’d take for condos to begin selling again.  I tried to be as honest as possible in my answer, saying that two things needed to happen in order for the condo market in Blacksburg to begin picking up again: Read More