New River Valley Real Estate Tax Rates

Death and taxes.  Good way to start a post, right?

When making a mortgage payment every month, one of the pieces of that payment includes your real estate taxes.  These amounts will vary from locality to locality, and in some cases a municipality will have TWO rates – one rate will be for the City or Town, and the other rate will be for the appropriate County.  Feel free to use the phone numbers below to contact the taxing authority if you have questions.*

The good news is that by paying taxes, we’re contributing to the infrastructure that makes the New River Valley such a great place to live.  But how the heck do they come up with the amount you need to pay?  Well, it’s based on the rate that’s voting on by the various municipalities, and they’re detailed below.  You’ll note that some have TWO rates – one is the Town or City rate, added to the County rate.  And should you need more information about a particular location, feel free to use the phone numbers below to contact the taxing authority.

To calculate current yearly tax, take the current assessed value of the home, divide by 100 and multiply by the current tax rate.

The assessed value of the home is $250000 and the home is in Blacksburg:
$250000/100 = 2500 x .96 = 2325           Yearly tax $2325

Locale Tax Rate Phone Number
Blacksburg $.22 + $.74 = $.96 540-961-1105
Bland County $.55 540-688-3741
Christiansburg $.1126 + $.74 = $.8526 540-382-9519
Craig County $.56 540-864-6241
Floyd County $.47 540-745-9345
Giles County $.52 540-626-7067
Montgomery County $.74 540-382-5717
Pulaski County $.54 540-980-7785
Radford City $.76 540-731-3661
Rich Creek $.20 + $.52 = $.72 540-726-3260
Town of Floyd $.47 540-745-9435
Town of Pulaski $.30 + $.54 = $.84 540-994-8640
Town of Narrows $.31 + $.52 = $.83 540-726-2423
Town of Pearisburg $.27 + $.52 = $.79 540-921-0340
Town of Pembroke $.26 + $.52 = $.78 540-626-7191

* Tax information is assumed reliable – contact the local Commissioner of the Revenue for more information.  Updated 6/28/10.

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    Hey Jeremy, this site was definitely a pleasant surprise to find in my google search for “How to estimate Hazard insurance.” I am actually looking to buy a house in Blacksburg and this was the first site to pop up in my search. Whether it was the “Gods” at google knowing my geographical location or something else, I think it is awesome to find my answer so quickly that was so relevant to what I was looking for. Great blog, I hope you keep it updated!!

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