“Looking Back, Looking Ahead” – By Sarah Cox, The Roanoke Times 12/27/09

Last Sunday, Sarah Cox wrote a post entitled “Around The Property“, and she followed it up this week with a piece entitled “Looking Back, Looking Ahead”.  While the article is supposed to be about what buyers should expect in 2010, it probably should also be titled “False Hope”. Read More

“Around The Property” – By Sarah Cox, The Roanoke Times 12/20/09

Sarah Cox of The Roanoke Times recently did a piece reflecting on the real estate market in 2009 – it looks like it’s going to be a multi-part story, below is copy of the first part.  Images embedded are my own, taken from the Virginia Employment Commission website. Read More

The Roanoke Times – Rise in Real Estate Activity

The New River Valley real estate market is shifting – no doubt about that – and buyers and sellers will need to adjust. We still have some challenges, but things are improving. Sarah Cox of The Roanoke Times wrote about it in this past Sunday’s real estate section. Read More

The Roanoke Times Explores How Nest Realty Does It Different

I still don’t understand why articles in the Sunday New River Valley Current Real Estate section aren’t linked online, but I can write up the article here.  Sarah Cox took the time to sit down and find out a little bit about what makes Nest Realty different from other real estate firms here in the area. Read More

From The Roanoke Times – “Exchanging Information over the Internet”

I’m a few weeks behind on this, but wanted to be sure it got out there. Sarah Cox of The Roanoke Times and I talked recently about the new real estate search on NRVLiving.com, as well as why being able to search for all New River Valley real estate is important. While I certainly want people to find me online, one point that’s missed is that information should be made as readily available as possible, and not hidden behind this veil of secrecy that real estate seems to crave. Real estate searches on NRVLiving.com bear that out … the site’s been inundated with recent searches. Read More

The Ferrari vs. The Yugo, Part Two

Warning: This is a long post (2034 words, to be exact), so skip ahead to the end if you’re not interested.  It deals with an issue that’s central not only to the success of a New River Valley real estate agent, but also to a buyer or seller who’s relying on their agent to provide concise, well-formatted information in a timely manner. Read More

The Truth About The First-Time Homebuyer Credit

2944582909_ea72da6441A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak with friend of the blog Sarah Cox of The Roanoke Times about the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit.  We wanted to clear up some of the confusion about the credit, and Sarah posted a piece in The Roanoke Times today about it (seriously, RT, can we get this section of the paper online?).  Here’s a reprint (links are mine), as well as a follow-up at the end now that even more details have changed. Read More

‘A New Way Of Doing Business’

I was surprised to open the paper over the weekend and find an article, written by Sarah Cox referencing how the market here in the New River Valley is moving, and how the NRVLiving Real Estate Team is approaching that market.  She references an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal recently, which makes some relevant points concerning how to approach an adjusting market  Read More