How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

buddyWinter is here in the New River Valley! Well, almost, but it’s never too soon to start prepping your home for winter.

While we’re hunkered down through the winter months, remember that your home is exposed to the elements all that time, keeping you safe and warm. And there are certain things you should do now to ensure that all continues to be safe and comfortable.

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I wrote about preparing your home for winter several years ago, which you can see here, and then our friends up north in Canada – if ANYONE knows how to handle winter it’s Canadiens – posted this 10 Tips To Winterize Your Home. Everyone loves top ten lists, right? The whole post is linked here.

  1. Clean the gutters
  2. Reseal the windows
  3. Clean out the garage
  4. Install storm windows
  5. Prep the fireplace
  6. Drain the hose pipes
  7. Pack up the patio furniture
  8. Prep the furnace
  9. Automate the thermostat
  10. Block drafts

Winter in the New River Valley is a spectacular time. Take some time now, while temperatures are still mild, to prepare your home for winter, and keep the comfort rolling throughout the year!

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