Borrowing From Another Blog, We’ve Been “First & Maimed”

First & Main, in Blacksburg, continues to struggle.

The Roanoke Times wrote about it today, there’s been plenty written about it here (and here), and there’s been a great conversation about it on TwoBurgs blog.

I like the project.  It’s a nice addition to retail on the outskirts of downtown Blacksburg, easily accessible from all points in Town, as well as Christiansburg and 460, and it’s an opportunity to bring in locally-grown businesses that provide a wide-range of products and services not found in the downtown core.  There have been mistakes, sure, and lots of finger pointing.  But who cares?

Instead, we’ll watch a half-empty development continue to waste away.  It’s not for a lack of trying on the part of some, but far too few.

Do yourself – and the shop owners at First & Main – a favor and stop by in the next couple of weeks.  See what they have to offer.

3 thoughts on “Borrowing From Another Blog, We’ve Been “First & Maimed”

  1. Burger

    Not sure if anyone is looking int his old post area, but now that a new buyer has purchased the center I hope they are able to attract new retailers.

    I think if we could secure KHOL’S as a department store in the former Books A Million site there would be a tremendous jump in good fortune for the center. KHOL’S has been moving into many similarly sized centers throughout the Eastern Seaboard in the past two years finding a niche as a good priced department store where there previously haven’t been any. I believe Roanoke is the nearest location for them and they’d do very well here.

    Talbot’s, Coldwater Creek, Jos Banks are all great complements to a brand like Khol’s.

  2. tina

    Until a buyer is secured for F&M, it will continue to waste away. If the Town cares about the development, it needs to take an active role in promoting and marketing the project to find a buyer. Who wants to open a new business in a commercial development that is 75% vacant and owned by a bank?

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