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Borrowing From Another Blog, We’ve Been “First & Maimed”

First & Main, in Blacksburg, continues to struggle. The Roanoke Times wrote about it today, there’s been plenty written about it here (and here), and there’s been a great conversation about it on TwoBurgs blog. I like the project.  It’s a nice addition to retail on the outskirts of downtown Blacksburg, easily accessible from all points in Town, as well as Christiansburg and 460, and it’s an opportunity to bring in locally-grown businesses that provide a wide-range of products and services not found in the downtown core.  There have been mistakes, sure, and lots of finger pointing.  But who cares? Instead, …

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Blacksburg’s First & Main – One Year Later

When First & Main in Blacksburg opened on Black Friday last year, the project was touted as a huge success for Blacksburg. And it could have been. But now, it seems it’s just a hodgepodge of storefronts, both and empty and full, and a lot of uncertainty.  And that’s a shame. I don’t really feel like opening up the First & Main debate so much these days, in all honesty – you can see some of the history here, if you’re interested.  It really tires me, this division a project that should have been lauded as a success for the …

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Blacksburg Big Boxes A Bit Dented This Afternoon

I didn’t see this coming, honestly.  Given the information that I had at hand, it did not seem appropriate to rule in favor of the Town on this one.  Good thing I didn’t go for that law degree, after all. What do you think?  Did they get this right?  Who’s willing to weigh in on this now?

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