New Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Many of you who have contacted me about real estate in the last several months have recently noticed a change in the way listings are delivered to your email, and none have you have said you were really happy with the change.

I’m sorry.

Our Association changed MLS vendors recently, and the change has been … difficult.  In so many ways, and on so many levels.  Our previous vendor, FBS and it’s flexMLS product, had a lot of untapped potential.  Our current vendor … I’m trying to keep an open mind, and I’m having a lot of time to think about my feelings as my system shuts down time and time again.

We’re still working the kinks out, and there are a lot of them, so I ask for your patience.  If you have a search set up for a specific type of property, and you’re not happy with the results or the way they’re being delivered, please let me know.  I promise – you won’t hurt my feelings.

It’s too important to get this right.

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