Who’s Your Huckleberry?

It’s official, the Huckleberry Trail is growing.  One of our area’s unique features for its length as well as its ability to connect two Towns in our area, Christiansburg Town Council and Bill Ellenbogen – president of Friends of the Huckleberry – announced plans to extend the Trail to the Christiansburg Recreation Center.  The current Trail runs from the Blacksburg Library to the New River Mall, a distance of about 5.7 miles.  The Trail is frequently used – though admittedly not often by this author – by individuals and families, as well as groups like the Blacksburg Striders for races and such, and connecting to the Recreation Center will open up the Trail to commercial development as well.  Makes the Trail that much more useful, I think.

Already donations have come in for feasibility studies, and Gay and Neel has started work on engineering study.  I’m excited to see this one come to fruition, it’ll be a nice addition to an already unique aspect of our community.  Which reminds me … maybe I should use the Huckleberry more often.  You can check out the Huckleberry Trail here.

The current trail … Htmap

Future expansion:


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