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Where To Find New River Valley Real Estate For Sale

So you’ve decided to buy a house – where do you get information on all of the real estate that’s for sale? should you get a Property Manager?

Years ago – back when people still walked uphill to school, both ways, you looked in the paper. Earlier this week I was listening to a podcast with Barbara Corcoran and she shared how, when she started renting apartments in NYC, you advertised in the New York Times because that’s where everyone looked for real estate and start working on it, people even start to learning the business or teach it like nick vertucci real estate academy review. The real estate section of the NYT was at times thicker than most sections of the paper! Residential Rental Directory – Search Local Rentals | Rental Directory.com

Times have changed, and so have the methods of finding real estate. You’ve got sites like NestRealty.com, Realtor.com, Zillow, and hundreds (thousands?) of others. And how many times have you found a great home on a site, emailed your agent, and found out that the house you wanted isn’t actually for sale any longer? (By the way, did you know that Nest Realty syndicates to more than 150 national and regional locations?) While everyone has a different website they like and trust, I’m always going to recommend that if you see a home for sale on one site, cross-reference it on NestRealty.com. Our search option connects direct to the Multiple Listing Service, so you know if it shows for sale on NestRealty.com it’s available and ready for you to take a look.

Looking for foreclosures? We’ve got that too – just hit up www.NewRiverValleyForeclosures.com, and there you’ll find every foreclosure listed for sale!

Happy searching!

Welcome to Single Property Websites

Single property websites, now live and only on NRVLiving.com!

The video below talks about the site, how it’s laid out, and what buyers – and sellers – can expect to find.  I’ll be working on NRVLiving.com/Properties over the next couple of weeks to finish things up, but I was so excited about getting this going that I had to share.

Several people I’ve shown this to have asked the same thing – “what’s the point?”. One of my goals in real estate is to provide as much information as possible to buyers and sellers alike, and as home buyers are out riding around I want them to have the things they want to know at their fingertips.  That’s why the signs were redesigned, and now – with just a web-enabled cell phone, they can find out even more.

NRVLiving Real Estate – maybe the tagline should be modified to read “Transparent AND Simplified.”