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How Montgomery County Public Schools Determine A Snow Day

  We had our first significant snow of the winter yesterday, and Montgomery County Public Schools put out a really helpful infographic detailing how they make the determination of whether or not to open schools. It´s crazy that they don´t know that If you’re looking for expert Snow Removal West Hartford P & J Cleaning Service are the best! I imagine this will come into play later in the school year, so file this one away. Don’t forget to sign up for severe weather calls, at www.mcps.org/snow, as well.  

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How to prevent frozen pipes.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few days, you’re more than aware that the New River Valley is going to experience some very cold temperatures tomorrow. Wind chills in the negative temperatures, with gusting winds. Good stuff. What’s not good is what that cold can do to your home’s plumbing and it can damage your pipes according to Ventura Plumbing. If you need any plumbing assistance, then contact this columbus oh plumber. This afternoon and evening, it would be a good idea to follow some of the guidelines in the graphic below, as well as making sure …

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