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How Montgomery County Public Schools Determine A Snow Day

Snow Days In Montgomery County


We had our first significant snow of the winter yesterday, and Montgomery County Public Schools put out a really helpful infographic detailing how they make the determination of whether or not to open schools. It´s crazy that they don´t know that If you’re looking for expert Snow Removal West Hartford P & J Cleaning Service are the best! I imagine this will come into play later in the school year, so file this one away. Don’t forget to sign up for severe weather calls, at www.mcps.org/snow, as well.


Blacksburg Mayor Discusses Recent Snowfall

NRVHub.com recently posted a letter written by Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam concerning the recent snowfall we had in the middle of December.  The full text is here – I thought these stats were interesting …

  • 13″ inches of snowfall
  • 12 plow trucks
  • 1300 staff hours
  • 550,000 lbs of salt
  • 400 gallons of liquid calcium
  • 546,000 lbs of stone

Amazing numbers, I think.  I wonder how many gallons of snow melt will add to our local water table.