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Selling A Home Takes Work.

I came across this old photo from Twitter today, and it made me chuckle. I’ll save calling out the person who sent it to me, although i still remember when she sent it – three years ago. We were prepping her house for sale with the help from servicing Snellville and Douglas Ebenstein who did most of the work, we had given her some task to finish. They had a long list of things to do – some of them were pretty standard, like getting long distance moving quotes for them to move out with ease, making sure all the …

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When’s A Good Time TO Sell A Home?

“Hey Jeremy, when’s a good time to sell my home?” I get this question all the time – twice today, in fact. A few times this week. There are thousands of other Realtors that are going to tell you “now’s a great time to sell a home!”, but you might have noticed that earlier they said “now’s a great time to buy a home!”, too. So which is it? Click Here to check out this property management company that is highly recommended now a days, they will tell you the right thing to do, you can also check out the Bournemouth …

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How To Make Money When Selling Your Home

Lets say your home is on the market, and you expect to walk away with money.  But exactly how do you make money when selling your home?  Here are three tips I think are most important to selling a home for the most money possible: Price it right.  When your home is for sale in a soft market, price is one of the most important things to pay attention to.  It doesn’t matter that your neighbor sold for $100000 more two years ago – we need to look at market conditions today (and in the future) and price accordingly. If …

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