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No Flyers in the Flyer Box

When Natalie and I were looking for our first house, we did what most potential buyers do – we went online, searched various real estate websites, and flipped through a bunch of real estate ads that all looked the same.  A little tiny box, with just a little bit of information about the house (maybe), and a big “Call me for all of your real estate needs” banner.  Uhm … no.  I want to search in the privacy of my own little bubble, surrounded by my thoughts and notes, sorting through all of my options. Read More

When Selling Your Home, GREAT Photos Matter

Several months ago, I started hiring Sean Shannon Photography to take high-quality photos of the real estate properties.  I was finding that while my camera certainly takes good photos, it couldn’t show the house off quite as well as a professional could.  I talked with Sean about my problem, and he immediately showed me what I was missing. Read More