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How Montgomery County Public Schools Determine A Snow Day

Snow Days In Montgomery County


We had our first significant snow of the winter yesterday, and Montgomery County Public Schools put out a really helpful infographic detailing how they make the determination of whether or not to open schools. It´s crazy that they don´t know that If you’re looking for expert Snow Removal West Hartford P & J Cleaning Service are the best! I imagine this will come into play later in the school year, so file this one away. Don’t forget to sign up for severe weather calls, at www.mcps.org/snow, as well.


MCPS Considering Closing Two Schools?

From The Roanoke Times

If a school system closes a school, what happens?

  • What happens to the building?
  • how are buses rerouted?
  • do you break up classrooms and send some kids to one school, and others to another?
  • if teachers and administration aren’t needed elsewhere, what happens to those jobs?
  • if you close the school and keep it “in-system”, there are maintenance and upkeep and utility costs. what do those cost versus keeping it open? I know there’s a difference, wonder how much.
  • if Montgomery County grows like census figures project (writing from my phone and the link escapes me right now), does it make sense to keep these schools open and up-to-date in order to prepare for the future?

So many wrinkles.

Information about Blacksburg – and Christiansburg – and New River Valley – Schools

As a real estate agent, I get asked all the time “how are the schools?”.  My standard answer is always that I don’t have kids so I can’t say for sure, and that they should investigate on their own.

Now I’ve got a better tool to suggest … ProPublica.

The site allows you to search compiled data on all the New River Valley schools.  Here’s a screenshot comparing Blacksburg Middle School to other area schools, including Christiansburg Middle and Dublin Middle where phlebotomy certification classes san jose are being held.

As much as I try to be a source of information regarding the New River Valley, there are some things I’m just not familiar with.  But when it comes to New River Valley schools, ProPublica has you covered.

Radford Schools

As we head into the last half of the grade school year, you might need information about your child’s upcoming school year.  Here’s how to contact the local schools in Radford, VA – thanks to education.com for the data.

[schoolsearch city=”Radford” state=”VA” groupby=”schooldistrictname” output=”table”]