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How Many Homes Are For Sale in Blacksburg and Christiansburg?

As Realtors, we get asked a lot “what’s the market like right now?”. I was in Richmond last week, meeting with Virginia Senators and Delegates from our district, and every single one of them asked “how’s the market?”. It can seem disingenuous to always be saying that the real estate market is moving quickly, but as you can see from the graph below of single family homes south in Blacksburg and Christiansburg, as of this post the market is moving quickly. We’re not making this up. (The graph is interactive, and therefore should update automatically over time; what it’s detailing is how many …

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The Nest Report Is Out for 1Q 2012

Literally minutes ago, the 1Q 2012 Nest Report just fell into my grubby little hands.  I haven’t had the chance to dissect it yet, but will do that starting tonight. A couple of takeaways: Total sales (227) and total volume sold ($38.5 mil) both saw increases of 6.1%, and 7.1%, respectively, in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Radford MSA Months of inventory in the whole New River Valley fell 31% In the meantime, download the whole report here.  More to come on this – thanks to the bean counters back at Nest HQ for putting this together.

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Real Estate is Local, ‘Cause Dan Green Says So

Well, I say so as well, but I’ve written about Dan Green before and he’s got a great visual on his blog about how real estate is local.  Every market is a small snapshot of the total picture.  Without each individual market, the picture is incomplete, and I like the visual here. I’m dealing with this situation now – I’m working with clients from Nevada, and we spent the last three weeks negotiating on a great home here in Blacksburg.  This one’s going to be a great home for them, I think, but it took a while for them to …

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