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Dusting Off The Keyboard … Again.

Yesterday I had the honor of being installed as the 2019 President of the New River Valley Association of Realtors. I woke up this morning feeling … well, feeling just like I did yesterday. Fame and fortune are sure to follow though, I’m sure. That’s not the point of this post, however. Association leadership was never something I truly desired. What I wanted was for Nest Realty to have a voice in the discussions surrounding the issues of our industry, and to set the example for others that there’s value in having a seat at the table. I might have overshot that a little bit, but I’m happy to represent the nearly 500 members, and affiliate members, for the next year. Read More

The Ferrari vs. The Yugo, Part Two

Warning: This is a long post (2034 words, to be exact), so skip ahead to the end if you’re not interested. ┬áIt deals with an issue that’s central not only to the success of a New River Valley real estate agent, but also to a buyer or seller who’s relying on their agent to provide concise, well-formatted information in a timely manner. Read More