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How Many New River Valley Loans Are Resetting in 2010?

I was asked by a local reporter recently for some end-of-year thoughts on the New River Valley real estate market, and while I haven’t yet started working on the 4Q report yet, I started to wonder how many loans in the NRV will be resetting in the coming year. Peoples mind might be asking themselves, “ Can I get a loan with bad credit? Read More

Federal Reserve and What It Means For Interest Rates

Allow me to introduce Brandon Nicely, branch partner in Alcova Mortgage here in Blacksburg.  The mortgage industry is literally changing on a daily – and sometimes hourly basis – and Brandon’s going to be bringing us the straight talk on what’s really going on in the industry, what’s happening with rates, and what to expect going forward.  And we’re going to hold him to every word, it’s as good as gold!  Okay … we’ll give him a little leeway. Read More

Insurance Companies To Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Customers – “your bill’s in the mail”

Bean SmackdownRemember that whole Taylor, Bean & Whitaker mess?  It’s been on my mind since it happened, I think in part because I have friends whose mortgage is with TBW.  And one of the questions they asked was “where do I pay my mortgage?”  Word to the wise … keep paying.  They’ll tell you where to send your next payment. Read More