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New River Valley Mid-Year Market Report 2020

One of the things that attracted me to Nest Realty oh so many years ago was their focus on good, accurate data. Zillow is a popular tool, but it can’t replace solid, real-world data based on live sales. And that’s where the New River Valley Mid-Year (and Annual) Market Report comes in. Every quarter (every month, really), we put together a look at what’s happening in the market, both the good AND the bad, and we just published our 2020 Mid-Year Market Report for the New River Valley real estate market. Read More

The Roanoke Times – Rise in Real Estate Activity

The New River Valley real estate market is shifting – no doubt about that – and buyers and sellers will need to adjust. We still have some challenges, but things are improving. Sarah Cox of The Roanoke Times wrote about it in this past Sunday’s real estate section. Read More

Real Estate Market Distribution in the New River Valley

Most of the time when reporting real estate market updates, we focus on sales prices – what’s the high, the low, the median.  The New River Valley Association of Realtors just sent out a market update that I thought was interesting, though, showing, among other things, the market distribution between Sept 09 – Aug 10.  Here’s what it looks like in a pie chart: Read More

My Mistake – Here’s The Real Look at the New River Valley Real Estate Market

I’ve spent the morning working on Activity Reports for my listings – they’re a look at a very refined, specific price point for each listing, and shows what’s happened in the New River Valley market in that price point during the last month.  One of the things I found interesting was just how different our market is right now.  While the Activity Report looks at a very specific section of the market, I also wanted to know what real estate had been doing across the entire residential market … the numbers were surprising. Read More