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What Did The Q3 2014 Real Estate Market Look Like?

The Nest Report, our quarterly look at the real estate market in the New River Valley, is out for the third quarter of 2014. I wrote in August that the second quarter of 2014 was different than expected, and at the time we didn’t really know why. I suspected it was because of a very short summer for Montgomery County Public Schools, and from what we’ve seen in Q3 and now, Q4, I think that that was, in fact, much of the reason for the slow down. Read More

The Nest Report Q3 2012

The Nest Report – your light reading as you nod off to sleep. In all seriousness, after doing two quarters of real estate market reports here in the New River Valley (see Q1, and Q2), we’re thrilled that so many of you ask “when’s the next quarter going to be available?”. It makes our bean counters happy to know that their work is so desired; they don’t get a lot of attention, you know. Read More