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Why Are Condos So Hard To Finance?

The good news is that they’re not as difficult as they were several years ago. As Carl Spackler would say … A customer wrote in this morning about an investment property they’re looking to buy in Blacksburg. As many parents of students at Virginia Tech and Radford do, they want to buy a place for their kids to live in while they’re here at school, and the relative stability of the New River Valley market has meant that – for the most part – these have been solid investments. It wasn’t always the case, however. A quick back story … …

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Housing Shortage at Virginia Tech Creates Opportunities For Investment

It seems like we go through this every year, as Virginia Tech announces that they don’t have enough housing on campus to accommodate all those who WANT to be on campus. And this year is no different. About 500 students who had hoped to return to on-campus housing this fall will not get a room assignment, Tech has announced. 500 students doesn’t sound like a lot, I know, but with roughly 26000 undergraduate and graduate students attending the school, and only 9000 living on campus in any given year, adding 500 students into the off-campus housing search means an increase …

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Buying Real Estate In A College Town

Oh hey – look, there’s a blog under all this dust.  It’s been a while – lots of stuff happening in the New River Valley real estate market lately, so apologies for being gone.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder? The Internet is a big, big place, and it’s impossible to read it all.  So I love it when readers send in links they find that are of interest.  In this case, Stuart Mease emailed me and said “you need to post this.”  So I did it – I follow instructions. Reuters recently mentioned that many parents are buying real …

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