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Christmas Lights in the New River Valley 2013

Christmas season is upon us, and one of the things I really look forward to is going out to look at all the houses decorated in lights, most of them have professionals put them up, and they always do an amazing job. If you’re looking for a Colorado Christmas Light Installation professional, I would definitely recommend them . In years past, we’ve done the Christmas Map, where I’ve highlighted all of the houses I found that had some really great decorations – both elegant AND gaudy (oh admit it, you like the gaudy ones too). This year, I’m behind in getting the map up, and truthfully I just don’t have the time to do it. Read More

Where Are The New River Valley Christmas Lights?

It’s Christmas time in the New River Valley, and holiday lights are starting to show on houses throughout the area.  Natalie and I enjoy hopping in the car, turning on Christmas music, and cruising the streets looking for lights.  Classy lights, gaudy lights, we like them all, and last night was our first trip out. Read More