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Find A Christmas Tree In The New River Valley

Thanksgiving is gone, and Christmas is upon us. While we moaned about seeing Christmas displays in August – TOO SOON – the reality is that Christmas is right around the corner. And before you finish the Christmas shopping, it’s time for the Christmas tree to go up.

If you’re one of those who likes to be Clark Griswold and chop down your own tree (and really, is there any other way?), here’s a list of Christmas tree farms throughout the New River Valley.

  • Idyllwood Farms, Blacksburg – technically not a cut-your-own, but still a recognizable location that’s been serving the New River Valley since 1984. Pre-cut, along with wreaths for sale.
  • Joes Trees, Newport – my personal favorite, Joe’s Trees is a great place to go and spend a couple of hours, wandering the many acres and getting lost among the trees. You can cut your own tree, or choose one of their pre-cut selections. They also have hayrides, and a full retail shop.
  • Rifton Farm Nursery, Pilot – Recently featured in The Roanoke Times, they have 40+ acres of trees, ready to help you cut and load.
  • Roll Out Farm, Pilot – Also located in Pilot, this farm has choose and cut options, pre-cut trees, and a full retail shop.
  • Spruce Ridge Tree Farm, Newport – if you’ve ever been down Spruce Run Road in Newport, you’ve almost certainly noticed the seemingly miles and miles of trees available at Spruce Ridge Tree Farm.
  • Sweet Providence Farm, Floyd – choose and cut at this farm in Floyd, and enjoy some of their delicious treats in their retail store. They also have a satellite location at Tanglewood Mall, in Roanoke.

There are plenty of other places throughout the New River Valley to get your Christmas tree this year – what are some of your favorites? Mention them in the comments and I’ll add them to this list!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree – How Do I Dispose of Thee?

Christmas is over, the holidays are wrapping up soon, and that Christmas tree you put up in the Living Room is starting to shed all over the floor.

Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Radford all provide curbside Christmas tree recycling (shameless plug forthcoming – and this company provides it for your household recyclables), and have posted information on their websites.

In Blacksburg, tree collection begins January 3rd, and continues through the first two weeks of January.  Have them out to your curb by 7am, and all trees and greenery must be free of decorations and wire.  Collected trees will be chipped, and used as an alternate fuel source. See more on their website.

In Christiansburg, collection begins December 27th through January 13th.  Again, all trees must be free of decorations and wire. More information is on their website, as well.

In Radford, City officials tell me that they’ll be collecting trees as you put them out, so go ahead and start dragging them to the curb on your trash day, and City crews will dispose of them.  No information is on their website, yet.

Until next year …


Where To Dispose of Christmas Trees in Blacksburg & Christiansburg

Holidays are as much about family traditions as anything else, I think.  When the activities are over, and the family has dispersed, all that’s left is to break it all down and get ready for next year.  So what do you do with that Christmas tree if you live in Blacksburg or Christiansburg?

Town of Blacksburg:

  • Town residents can begin placing their Christmas trees at the curb beginning January 1.  The trees will be picked up the first two weeks of January, giving all of us procrastinators plenty of time to finish the job.
  • You can also donate you tree – balled and wrapped in burlap – to Blacksburg Parks and Recreation to be planted in town parks.  Crews will pick up the tree and replant it.

Town of Christiansburg:

  • Trees can be placed on the street for curbside pickup during the week of January 4th through the 11th.  There are no drop-off points in Town that can take trees, curbside pickup only.

Montgomery County:

View Montgomery County collection sites in a larger map

Additionally, if you’d like your natural tree to be used as reef structure for game fish in Claytor Lake State Park in Dublin, you can drop your tree off Claytor Lake State Park, Dublin VA and park officials will handle it for you.  Roughly 300 more trees are needed by January 27th.

We also recommend to check the south jersey tree removal service for more information.

It’d be really nice if there’s a local company that could help facilitate that (note to self)?