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A Tale of Two Homes

I have buyers buying their first home tomorrow, sight unseen. Oh sure, we’ve done a couple of Facetime “visits”, but tomorrow their walkthrough will be the first time they’ve physically set foot in the house. There’s really nothing more stressful than closing day for a sight unseen buyer, I don’t think. Read More

How Many Homes Are For Sale in Blacksburg and Christiansburg?

As Realtors, we get asked a lot “what’s the market like right now?”. I was in Richmond last week, meeting with Virginia Senators and Delegates from our district, and every single one of them asked “how’s the market?”. It can seem disingenuous to always be saying that the real estate market is moving quickly, but as you can see from the graph below of single family homes south in Blacksburg and Christiansburg, as of this post the market is moving quickly. We’re not making this up. Read More

What Do People Love About Living in the New River Valley?

A couple of weeks ago, I asked on Facebook and Twitter “what do you love about living in the New River Valley?”  I was overwhelmed with responses, both in messages on Facebook, or tweets, or emails and in one case, a text.  Here’s a list, unedited, of some of the reasons why people are so in love with the New River Valley (well, bolding or links are mine … so it’s partially unedited).  Leave some more reasons in the comments? Read More

An Interesting Way To Determine Christiansburg’s Budget

Christiansburg is undertaking what is, in my opinion, an interesting way of determining how they'll allocate spending in the next budget cycle.

They're giving residents $100 hypothetical tax dollars to spend as they see most appropriate:

We are inviting the people who live, work and pay taxes in Christiansburg to participate in an exercise designed to understand their priorities for town spending. In the exercise, you are given $100 hypothetical “tax dollars” to allocate among the goals Christiansburg thinks are most important, so we can evaluate which services are of the highest value to our community. Read More

Christiansburg Town Council Candidate Forum

If you live in/work in/drive-in/drive-through/worship in Christiansburg, you’ve surely noticed the political signs that have sprouted everywhere. On May 4th, Christiansburg residents will hit the polls to vote for several races, including Council and Mayor. The League of Women Voters has posted videos of the Candidate Forum, held April 15th, on their website … sure wish they would let you embed them. Read More