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The Tax Credit Extension Has NOT Been Extended

Updated July 1 – Now the bill has passed both the House and the Senate, and is headed for the President’s desk.  Provided you were under contract by April 30th, you would NOW have until September 30th to receive the buyer credit rebate.  Whether you like the credit or not, it looks like it’ll be extended. Read More

Will The $8000 First-Time Buyer Credit Be Extended?

As we countdown to the expiration of the $8000 first-time buyer tax credit, the question everyone seems to be asking is “are we going to see the credit again?”  As I was speaking with a seller tonight, it was one of the questions he wanted to ask, and I’d bet at least once a day for the last few weeks has someone stopped me to ask whether I’ve heard that the first-time buyer tax credit will or will not be extended. Read More