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Blacksburg’s Main Street Gets A Facelift

According to Blacksburg’s website, 1/2 mile of North Main Street in Blacskburg is getting a facelift.  It’s the culmination of years worth of discussion, and now the pavement’s about to meet the jackhammer.  It’s been covered here on NRVLiving.com a few times, and now it’s about to become a reality.  But I’m wondering what’s it going to mean for traffic on Main Street, which now abruptly narrows from four to two lanes (at Main and College) and feature a roundabout at one of the busiest intersections in Blacksburg? Read More

Where To Dispose of Christmas Trees in Blacksburg & Christiansburg

Holidays are as much about family traditions as anything else, I think.  When the activities are over, and the family has dispersed, all that’s left is to break it all down and get ready for next year.  So what do you do with that Christmas tree if you live in Blacksburg or Christiansburg? Read More

Bill Aden on the Future of Blacksburg

The Blue Ridge Business Journal ran a piece recently on the announcement that Bill Aden, CEO of Draper Aden Associates, would be stepping down as CEO in 2010.  In the article, Aden discussed development in the Town of Blacksburg, and his thoughts – based on years of experience in the community – regarding how intelligent development within the Town can have a huge impact throughout the region. Read More