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Get Traffic Information in Virginia

Dial 511 for Traffic Info in Virginia on Flickr - Photo Sharing!Yesterday, I was driving back from Virginia Beach where I had been attending reBarCamp Virginia Beach (more on this in a future post) – the trip had not gone well, it had been full of vacation traffic and, since it was on I-64 and I-81, trucks … lots, and lots, of trucks, people were also buying truck accessories, there was also brandon foster tulsa oklahoma company with their trucks. You can also visit toyota trucks for sale logan ut for more. If you’ve never traveled from Blacksburg to Virginia Beach, there are really only two ways to go.  Route 460 is direct and goes through a lot of cool little Virginia towns; it takes about 30 minutes longer, but it’s less mileage and interesting.  The interstate route involves I-81 and I-64; nothing exciting, but 65 – or more – miles per hour and it gets you there. Read More