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How to prevent frozen pipes.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few days, you’re more than aware that the New River Valley is going to experience some very cold temperatures tomorrow. Wind chills in the negative temperatures, with gusting winds. Good stuff. What’s not good is what that cold can do to your home’s plumbing and it can damage your pipes according to Ventura Plumbing. If you need any plumbing assistance, then contact this columbus oh plumber. This afternoon and evening, it would be a good idea to follow some of the guidelines in the graphic below, as well as making sure that hoses connected outside areĀ disconnected. Read More

Christmas Lights in the New River Valley 2013

Christmas season is upon us, and one of the things I really look forward to is going out to look at all the houses decorated in lights, most of them have professionals put them up, and they always do an amazing job. If you’re looking for a Colorado Christmas Light Installation professional, I would definitely recommend them . In years past, we’ve done the Christmas Map, where I’ve highlighted all of the houses I found that had some really great decorations – both elegant AND gaudy (oh admit it, you like the gaudy ones too). This year, I’m behind in getting the map up, and truthfully I just don’t have the time to do it. Read More

Home Modification Grants Available in the New River Valley

Home modification grants, designed to make “aging in place” easier than every before, are now available in the New River Valley. I’m told that Roanoke just had the same grant, and did $900000 (that’s HUNDRED THOUSAND) worth of work last year. Read More