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Do I Need Renter’s Insurance?

As mentioned before, Natalie and I are selling our house and moving downtown.  We want to try living downtown for a bit, and so we’ll be downsizing and renting an apartment.  I asked Eric Johnsen, of State Farm Insurance in Christiansburg, what we needed to do in regards to renters insurance, and what our homeowners policy on our current home would cover. Something else that we really wanted to invest in was this really cheap car insurance. Our apartment will be ready in just a few days, and we’ll begin moving things into the apartment – I wanted to know when our renters policy needed in order to protect us.  His answer is below. Read More

A Quick Way To Estimate Homeowners (or Hazard) Insurance

If you’ve ever been looking for a home, or even contemplating buying a home, you’ve probably used an online home loan calculator (there’s a good one right on this page, in fact, labeled “Estimate Your Payment”) at some point.  Mortgage payments are typically made up of four components: rincipal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance … PITI.  I say typically because some borrowers choose to pay their Taxes and Insurance separately, but that’s another blog post for another day. Read More

5 Bills Montgomery County Homeowners Should Pay Attention To

There are five bills currently making their way through the Virginia General Assembly that homeowners in Virginia, particularly those in Montgomery County, should be paying attention to.  From the Virginia Homeowners Alliance: Read More

New River Valley Home Safety Tips from Eric Johnsen of State Farm

Earlier in December, Mother Nature dumped nearly two feet of snow across areas of the New River Valley, stranding residents and wreaking havoc.  Truth be told, we just don’t get snow storms like that around here, so when we do it causes headaches … in bunches.  I decided to ask Eric Johnsen, State Farm agent in Christiansburg, his thoughts on how homeowners should approach winter weather in the New River Valley … Read More