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Buying A Home With Private Wells and Septic Systems in Virginia

Last month I wrote “Ten Things To Know About A Well in the New River Valley”, and just this afternoon received notice that the Virginia Department of Health just last week posted a video entitled What To Know When Buying A Home with a Well and Septic System in Virginia. You can see that video below – even more timely as I had, just minutes before, met with new buyers and we’d talked about buying homes with a well and/or septic system. Thanks, VDH!

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10 Things To Know About A Well in the New River Valley

In the New River Valley, plenty of homes – particularly those in county locations – have private well systems, including my own. As someone who grew up in Virginia Beach, and then having lived in Blacksburg Town limits for almost 20 years, I’d never had a well, so after purchasing a home that’s on a private well I recently signed up for the Montgomery County Household Water Quality Program, organized and run by the Virginia Cooperative Extension,. I’m glad I did. We were asked to provide ~ 1200mL of water from our homes, with very clear and specific instructions on …

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Terms to Know When You’re Looking to Buy

As Realtors, we act as both buyer’s and seller’s agents all the time but, in my opinion, and in the opinion of all of us at Nest Realty, never at the same time. Legally we can do it, but ethically? It’s a slippery slope. Coming Soon When it comes time to buy your first house (link), there’s a few terms that get thrown around. You’ll be expected to know what they mean like it’s all your first language and not the Realtor-speak we’ve become accustomed to.  It really helps to understand what the people around you are talking about. Buyer’s …

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What to Look for When Buying your First Home

You’ll remember your first homebuying experience, I guarantee it. When you’re looking to buy your first home, it’s easy to feel like you’re in a rush. A rush to get pre-approved, meet a realtor, and look at homes. And the process in all likelihood will be a little hectic. Sometimes you need to strike at the right time and that might mean some decision-making. A GOOD agent will take what is admittedly a stressful process and help make it less stressful – we can talk about some ways to do that. A bad agent? A bad agent will make you …

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Blacksburg Chickens: What’s the (s)COOP?

If you haven’t heard yet, chances are, you will: backyard chickens are now allowed in Blacksburg. A committed contingent has lobbied for years and is finally seeing an ordinance passed, Ordinance 1888. If you aren’t among that small group of fowl fanatics, you might be wondering ‘why’? It’s a fair question, but for many people it scratches that itch to become a bit of a farmer, while still maintaining close proximity to your local Kroger. It’s also a great way to get your kids involved in a laid-back hobby the whole family can enjoy. For the most part, chickens are …

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Four Biggest Seller Mistakes

Big day! Time to sell the house. This day came around sooner than you thought, didn’t it? We sell for all kinds of reasons–to go bigger, to move into something smaller, or to move across the country. No matter what the reason, it’s important to avoid some simple mistakes. You may have thought home buying was stressful but this is a whole new beast. Selling means showing your house and waiting for that sometimes illusive offer. Once it does come, you have to move. If you’ve been in the home thirty or forty years, moving can be extraordinarily daunting. Selling …

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Four Biggest Buyer Mistakes

Ready to buy? Great! That’s why we’re here. Buying a home–whether it’s your first or your tenth–is an exciting time. Chances are if it you are a seasoned homebuyer, you’ll already have learned most of these mistakes either by experience or a good realtor before me. For those new to the whole experience, it’s important to understand that it’s a stressful time and overwhelming experience for everyone. The best way to help ease some of this anxiety is to do your homework and work with a great realtor who has done this many times before. Once you’ve been doing it …

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Cost-effective Landscaping Tips

Spring is here! By that I mean that we’re between ice storms here in the New River Valley. It’s never a safe bet to assume warm weather is here to stay until at least May but it’s certainly time to start thinking about some simple and cost-effective landscaping ideas. Good landscaping ticks several boxes. It should be low-maintenance, easy on the eyes, and hopefully help your home values when it’s the right time to sell. You always want to come home and #LiveWhereYouLove

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How To Time the New River Valley Real Estate Market

My friend Mike Simonsen posted this on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, in response to someone saying they wanted to buy their first home in 2020 (note – he said “do” try and time the market … he meant “don’t): 100% correct. There is no timing the real estate market, Mike’s exactly right. And he should know – as the CEO of Altos Research, one of the premier real-time real estate data firms around, Mike knows market timing better than most. You cannot time the market, at least not intentionally; sometimes you might get lucky and sell at a …

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