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Happy Everything, Merry Always

Santa’s come and gone, and taken the cookies on his way out the door. The kids have woken you early, and shrieks of laughter are hopefully filling your home. Ideally, the sound of a new drum set is not present.

May your Christmas 2012 be full of Happy Everything, and Merry Always, from all of us at Nest Realty.

Sparky, It’s Time To Put Up The Christmas Lights

Admit it – you head out late in the evenings around the Christmas holidays to look for houses decorated (in an over the top way) for Christmas. Kind of like this one …

Houses decorated crazy for Christmas
Natalie and I like riding around and looking at how people decorate for Christmas … I’ve mentioned it before. We like them all – the ones that are tastefully done, the ones that have a “whoa I’ve never seen that before!”, and especially the ones that make you slow down as you drive by, stop in the road, or even circle back around to see it two or three times (we call those Ho Ho houses).  Of COURSE you need to take pictures of those! We’ve seen you out cruising a street, driving really slow and peering out the window at all the lights, so we know you do it too – don’t judge!  And since SO many of us seem to enjoy it as well, a few years ago I decided to do a little map that shows different spots around the New River Valley – and a few a little further away – that people might want to check out.  It received so much traffic that I’m doing it even bigger this year, and I need your help! I am also doing my home bigger this year. Every year (five to be exact), I try and have the brightest house on the block and every year someone in my neighborhood out lights me. I pulled out the big guns this year and decided to purchase commercial outdoor christmas lights. They are about three times as bright as the lights you by for your house or tree. I know that this year I am going to wake up to the beautiful wooden blue ribbon lawn post that the development gives to the best Christmas house. It is definitely my year.

(last year’s map)

View Christmas Lights in the New River Valley in a larger map

Have you seen your neighbors starting to decorate their house?  Snap a photo, email the photo to me along with the home’s address, and I’ll add it to the map.  Have you decided that you’re going to go all Clark Griswold this year?  Snap a photo of the finished product, email it to me with the address, and I’ll add it to the map.  Have you seen a house that defies all rules of energy usage?  Snap a photo of the finished product, email it to me, and … you get the drift.  I’ll use the photo and upload it to the map, along with the address (and a description, if you’d like to provide one) so that we all can enjoy the season a little bit together!

And I need a few elves this year – as the map has gotten bigger, it gets harder and harder to get around the New River Valley to get photos. If you’re willing to be on the lookout for New River Valley homes decorated for the holidays, let me know and you can help grow the Christmas Lights in the New River Valley map even larger this year!

It’s fun to watch the New River Valley modern pendant lights up this time of year, and hopefully, this map will serve as one way for you and your family to celebrate the season.

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What’s the Luxury Real Estate Market Like in Christiansburg, VA?

luxury homes in Christiansburg VAA few weeks ago I was at a conference, and the question was asked by a presenter “what’s the luxury market in your area?” I had an idea, but it was simply based on a gut feeling, and not rooted in stats. So, Alma helped me pulled the numbers for 2012 YTD in Christiansburg VA, which you’ll find below. The only ones not listed are these luxury condos that are actually quite gorgeous.

For disclosure, we looked at the top 10% of sales in the market, and are considering the “luxury” component to be the least expensive home in the top 10% of sales in Radford.

In Christiansburg VA in 2012, the luxury real estate market starts at $293000. The average sales price YTD is $191250.

29 – 280 Revolution Circle, $293000

28 – 170 Revolution Circle, $293000

27 – 120 Amethyst Drive, $295000

26 – 1070 Green Ridge Road, $295000

25 – 1095 Stafford Drive, $295000

24 – 260 Alder Lane, $295000

23 – 100 Wenn Street, $297500

22 – 1061 Green Ridge Road, $300100

21 – 1770 Blake Drive, $305000

20 – 130 Sapphire Avenue, $310000

19 – 445 Diamond Crest, $313000

18 – 25 Welch Circle, $320000

17 – 105 Amethyst Drive, $324900

16 – 40 Florence Drive, $328424

15 – 2845 Wild Turkey Run, $340000

14 – 180 Revolution Circle, $342850

13 – 376 Declaration Lane, $349000

12 – 2111 Peakland Way, $375000

11 – 2065 Lake Vista Drive, $378000

10 – 60 Marquise Drive, $385000

9 – 115 Amethyst Drive, $385000

8 – 1125 Falcon Run Road, $389000

7 – 401 E. Main Street, $397000

6 – 180 Marquise Drive, $405000

5 – 260 Phoenix Boulevard, $409750

4 – 2281 Hitching Post Drive, $460000

3 – 245 Emerald Boulevard, $464000

2 – 2071 Peakland Way, $490000

1 – 1110 Cassatt Lane, $570000

Thoughts? Are you surprised by the number? Think it should be higher/lower?

Montgomery County School Board Meetings

Did you know that the Montgomery County School Board meetings are recorded and posted online? If you aren’t able to make the public meetings, this is a great way to watch and get caught up on the issues you’re interested in. The most recent meeting, on October 2nd, is posted below, but all of them can be found by visiting their YouTube link here.

Exciting video? Not necessarily. But certainly important if you’re interested in public education issues here in the New River Valley.

Crime Statistics in Blacksburg and Christiansburg

For the record, should not be used as an official crime tracker
in the New River Valley. 

New River Valley VA Crime statistics

For that, you need to contact your local police departments (Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford). But if you’re interested in a unique way to see who’s up to no good – I can’t get Inner Circle out of my head, for some reason – then you just might be interested to know that CrimeMapping just added Blacksburg.

 I don’t know how accurate the site is, so don’t use it as an exact science, but it’s an interesting tool to get a sense for what crime might be in a particular area. You can research Blacksburg here, and Christiansburg here. Radford isn’t on yet, but you can search here for Radford. For further due diligence, be sure to contact the local police department of any area you’re considering moving to.

Time for Fall Cleanup, Christiansburg

Christiansburg residents, it’s time for Fall cleanup, aka the annual purge of items you’ve been too lazy to haul off to the dump yourself, or give away on Craigslist and Freecycle!

From the Town’s web posting:

The 2012 Fall Clean-Up will take place from October 1- October 13. During this time, residents of the Town desiring special trash pick-up must place these materials with their garbage on the regular pick-up day. Special trucks will pick up extra items not appropriate for normal weekly pick-up. While there is no charge for items picked up during this time, there will be a charge assessed for items placed out after October 13, 2012.

During Clean-Up, the Town will pick up tree and brush trimmings, old furniture, a maximum of two (2) appliances, and up to four (4) tires per household. If you are getting rid of your old furniture and want some new and trendy furniture then check out Wellingtons Fine Leather Furniture. These are the only times that these items will be removed free of charge by the Town. One surefire way of avoiding disaster is waterproofing your basement.
October 1st will be here soon!

Real Estate Tax Rates in the New River Valley

Ah, taxes; and real estate taxes have certainly been a part of the discussion in Montgomery County lately (see here and here). If you’re going to own a home, however, they’re a part of the equation when making your mortgage payment every month.  These amounts will vary from locality to locality, and in some cases a municipality will have TWO rates – one rate will be for the City or Town, and the other rate will be for the appropriate County.  Feel free to use the phone numbers below to contact the taxing authority if you have questions.*

The good news is that by paying taxes, we’re contributing to the infrastructure that makes the New River Valley such a great place to live.  But how the heck do they come up with the amount you need to pay?  Well, it’s based on the rate that’s voting on by the various municipalities, and they’re detailed below.

To calculate current yearly tax, take the current assessed value of the home, divide by 100 and multiply by the current tax rate.

The assessed value of the home is $250000 and the home is in Blacksburg:
$250000/100 = 2500 x 1.09 = 2725           Yearly tax $2725

Locale Tax Rate Phone Number
Blacksburg $.22 + $.87 = $1.09 540-961-1105
Bland County $.55 276-688-3741
Christiansburg $.1126 + $.87 = $.9826 540-382-9519
Craig County $.54 540-864-6241
Floyd County $.50 540-745-9345
Giles County $.54 540-921-3321
Montgomery County $.87 540-382-5717
Pulaski County $.54 540-980-7785
Radford City $.76 540-731-3661
Rich Creek $.20 + $.54 = $.74 540-726-3260
Town of Floyd $.47 540-745-9435
Town of Pulaski $.32 + $.54 = $.86 540-994-8640
Town of Narrows $.38 + $.54 = $.92 540-726-2423
Town of Pearisburg $.27 + $.54 = $.81 540-921-0340
Town of Pembroke $.30 + $.54 = $.84 540-626-7191

* Tax information is assumed reliable – contact the local Commissioner of the Revenue for more information.  Updated 9/25/12.

Blacksburg and Christiansburg September 2012 Real Estate Deals

Let’s make a deal! It’s time for another look at some good deals in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area. We’re looking for properties that represent a good value in terms of quality and amenities offered, and an attractive price point for the area and condition.  If you have any questions, or to schedule a showing appointment, email me at Jeremy at NRVLiving dot com.

Deal #1 – $169700 313 Graves Ave, Blacksburg

home for sale in Blacksburg

Listed by Long & Foster Real Estate

Deal #2 – $199000 1313 Palmer Dr, Blacksburg

Blacksburg home for sale

Listed by Blacksburg Real Estate

Deal #3 – $168900 175 Grove Ave, Christiansburg

Brick homes for sale in Christiansburg

Listed by Long & Foster Real Estate

Deal #4 – $179900 75 Cherry St, Christiansburg

Christiansburg VA homes for sale

Listed by Long & Foster Real Estate

Deal #5 – $175000 75 Highview St, Christiansburg

Christiansburg VA real estate

Listed by Nest Realty Group

Will Your Horse Have A Seat at the Table?

Will the horse have a seat at the table?

I’ve heard of requests for chickens to be raised within Town limits, but horses?

In one of the stranger things I’ve heard in a while, a Christiansburg resident posted a link to an online petition opposing the idea of raising horses in Town limits. Well, specifically, raising horses in Residential-1 and Residential-2 zones, which are not exactly “horse-friendly”.

You can read the Christiansburg Town Code, as it relates to Zoning, here – Section 30-30 deals with R-1, and Section 30-38 deals with R-2. What do you think – is this an appropriate rezoning request? I tend to think that if they voted no to chickens, they’re going to have to do the same thing with horses.

What do you think, Cowboys and Cowgirls?

Blacksburg and Christiansburg August 2012 Real Estate Deals

We didn’t quite get the July Deals together last month, but you can still check out the June Deals here.  Better late than never, though, so with that in mind we’ve pulled together some of the best deals in the Blacksburg/Christiansburg area for the month of August. We’re looking for properties that represent a good value in terms of quality and amenities offered, and an attractive price point for the area and condition.  If you have any questions, or to schedule a showing appointment, email me at Jeremy at NRVLiving dot com.

Deal #1 – $155000 602 S. Franklin, Christiansburg

Christiansburg home for sale

Click for photos and information. Listed by Nest Realty Group

Deal #2 – $224900 750 Clay Street, Blacksburg

Blacksburg Home for sale

Click for photos and information. Listed by Long & Foster Real Estate

Deal #3 – $173500 355 Overland Drive, Christiansburg

Christiansburg VA real estate

Click for photos and information. Listed by Long & Foster Real Estate

Deal #4 – $203500 805 Grove Avenue, Blacksburg

Blacksburg real estate

Click for photos and information. Listed by Coldwell Banker Townside

Deal #5 – $187500 70 Linden Court, Christiansburg

Christiansburg home for sale

Click for photos and information. Listed by NRV Gateway Realty

Everyone wants a deal. Here are five that give you a combination of good value for the money, with room to improve them even more. Happy shopping!  Don’t like what you see here?  Find your own home for sale