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New River Valley Mid-Year Market Report 2020

One of the things that attracted me to Nest Realty oh so many years ago was their focus on good, accurate data. Zillow is a popular tool, but it can’t replace solid, real-world data based on live sales. And that’s where the New River Valley Mid-Year (and Annual) Market Report comes in. Every quarter (every month, really), we put together a look at what’s happening in the market, both the good AND the bad, and we just published our 2020 Mid-Year Market Report for the New River Valley real estate market. Read More

Remembering Why We Do What We Do.

When we list a home at Nest Realty, we have a list of questions we send our client to answer about what they love about the home, and the surrounding area. We call it the Seller Scoop, and it lets prospective buyers get a feel for the home that a listing description can’t necessarily share. Read More

So – How’s the Real Estate Market?

New River Valley real estate market data“How’s the New River Valley real estate market?” It’s the question everyone seems to want to know, and in particular now that we’re weeks months into a global pandemic. Now, however, it’s asked with a grimace, as if people have expected the market to have fallen off a cliff. Truthfully? In March, when states started to shut things down and it was becoming clear that the United States had a colossal problem at its doors, I expected the same thing. Read More