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Welcome to the blog!  This site is an ever-changing for discussing one of my passions, real estate in the New River Valley of Virginia.  Thank you for landing here – I hope that, should you decide to hang out or come back from time to time, that you’ll find the information here helpful and engaging.

Jeremy Hart Realtor Blacksburg VA Nest RealtyMy name is Jeremy Hart.  I’m a licensed real estate agent at Nest Realty Group in
Blacksburg, Virginia, and founding member of NRVLiving Real Estate.  If you’re interested, my license number is #0225077937, and I’ve been a licensee in good standing of the New River Valley Association, the Virginia Association, and the National Association of Realtors since January 2004.  You can contact me at jeremy at nrvliving dot com.  Personally, I’m a transplant to the area and couldn’t be happier. I love this area – we have national forests, beautiful vistas, and incredible sunsets – and enjoy getting out to explore, attending all kinds of events at the university and the surrounding area, and of course Hokie athletics. There’s so much to do here, and you really do get the best of small town living combined with internationally renowned artists, musicians, and cultural activities. I love to play volleyball, and have in the past few years discovered that snowboarding is another aspect of adventure that I can’t seem to get enough of.  Find out even more on Zillow.

I started writing this blog in 2006 as a way to provide conversation, both online and off, regarding what was happening in the real estate market of the New River Valley.  I was finding that our market was unique in many ways to the rest of the country, and felt that as a smaller area the nuances of what happened here were getting lost in the noise of real estate from around the country.  We’re surrounded by not one but two world-class universities, major research facilities, world-renowned technology firms, as well as locally owned and operated retail, wineries and boutiques, to name a few … all surrounded by the majestic beauty that is the Blue Ridge Mountains.  To say we’re unique is an understatement, and I wanted to use the blog to highlight some of those differences.

Please feel free to read quietly, or join in on the conversation if you’d like.  Comments are never edited, but I AM the son of a school teacher and sometimes the need to run spell check just gets to be too great for me.  All I ask is that you please refrain from using foul language in comments, or spamming us with ads for your service, and we’ll get along just fine.  I don’t care if you disagree with me – in fact in some ways I encourage it, it makes me a better agent to have to defend or reexamine how I look at something – just don’t do it in a way you wouldn’t want your Grandma to hear.


I’m just a real estate agent and while I’m one piece of the puzzle, don’t forget to consult your attorney, tax professional and librarian before making a financial or real estate decision. It should be noted that the articles in this blog are solely my opinion, and likewise those who leave comments are providing their opinions, as well..  These are not the opinions of Nest Realty Group, their affiliates or any employee thereof.  Nest Realty Group has been gracious in allowing me the freedom to discuss real estate in whatever way I choose, but they are not responsible for the content included herein.  Any information or statistics I post are deemed accurate, but are not guaranteed.  I will also not sell or release your email address to anyone unless ordered to do so by a court of law.  I won’t contact you unless you contact me first.  Finally, all content is protected by Creative Commons and US Copyright.  If you like something you read here, feel free to use and quote small portions of text as long as you link directly back to the post URL.  Please do not republish without permission – my attorneys fees are expensive.

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  1. Gary

    Meet Jeremy Hart, quite possibly the most plugged in real estate agent (licensed, of course) in the New River Valley. For those that like to do their research, his license number is 0225077937. He’s been a member in good standing with the New River Valley Association, the Virginia Association and the National Association of Realtors since January 2004. How’s that for credentials?

    In all seriousness, Jeremy is one of those real estate agents that goes above and beyond, and we’re not just talking about buying and selling a home. His interests and activities are so diverse that he has connections throughout the community. If you need a trustworthy plumber, he knows someone. Need a reliable contractor? He’s got a guy. Looking for a good local coffee shop? Jeremy knows just the place.

    Jeremy doesn’t just want to help you buy or sell a home – he wants you to have the best possible real estate experience. And if you’re willing, he’ll be your friend long after you’ve bought or sold your home. You see, while Jeremy isn’t a native of the NRV, he’s embraced this area as his hometown and wants to help others become a part of the community.

    Jeremy and his wife Natalie live and work in the NRV and you can find them at all sorts of local events such art exhibits, festivals, music recitals and of course, Virginia Tech athletic events – especially soccer.

    Whether you just need to buy or sell home, or you want to learn more about your new community and how to get involved – give Jeremy a call, or send him an email at jeremy AT nrvliving DOT com.

  2. Steve Grieco


    Thank you for speaking with me briefly about the property on Kentwood in B’burg. I’ve left Nancy Phillips a voice message asking her to schedule a time ASAP to show us the place. I just wanted to send you an update on our interest.

    Steve Grieco

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