What’s the List to Sale Ratio in Blacksburg?

Seems a lot of people consider negotiation as “ask less than the list price and expect that they’ll come back somewhere in the middle.” At its’ simplest sure, that might work, but it also helps to know at what price sellers are pricing their homes, and also at what price buyers are buying those same homes for. This is where the list to sale ratio comes in. Read More

What’s the Luxury Real Estate Market Like in Christiansburg, VA?

luxury homes in Christiansburg VAA few weeks ago I was at a conference, and the question was asked by a presenter “what’s the luxury market in your area?” I had an idea, but it was simply based on a gut feeling, and not rooted in stats. So, Alma helped me pulled the numbers for 2012 YTD in Christiansburg VA, which you’ll find below. The only ones not listed are these luxury condos that are actually quite gorgeous. Read More