The Winds. They Are A Changin’

“Change in all things is sweet” – Aristotle.

As I’ve considered all of the changes coming to the real estate industry (not familiar with the proposed settlement?) in the coming months, I’ve continually come back to that quote. When I read one headline, I learned that the industry I’ve worked in for over twenty years is dead in the water. When I read another headline, the comments section is full of anger, criticism, and links to courses where I can make $50k in a month by trading crypto. Yahtzee!

Never read the comments.

In 2006, I started regularly writing about real estate in the New River Valley. It was a way to build my business, talk about the profession I love, and learn. There was so much opportunity for learning based on the things that I experienced as an agent in my day-to-day course of business, in the things that I read and the conversations I had, and in the way I learned to distill that down into my writing here, as well. As things changed – in my business, in my life – I got away from writing there, and I regret that. But things changed, and in many ways for the better. Still, change. I don’t know what changes are coming for the real estate industry, but I know that since I was licensed in the early 2000s, we’ve seen tremendous change. A generational down market. A generational upmarket. Changes in leadership. Changes in how we transact day-to-day, in how we show homes … change. It’s inevitable, and with it there sometimes comes uncertainty, but also innovation.

I’m certain we’ll still buy and sell homes. Some of the methods we use today may be different from what we use tomorrow, but the fundamentals remain the same—sellers wish to sell, buyers wish to sell, and a good real estate agent is the one who is able to demonstrate value to their respective clients in order to help facilitate a fair deal for all while avoiding the pitfalls that can derail an emotionally charged event.

So I’m back. Again. I’ve said this before, but I mean it. My role here at Nest Realty is different – I’m still an agent, but I’ve other responsibilities, as well – but at the end of the day I want to make sure that I’m learning, changing, and sharing.

I’m looking forward to it.

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