Remembering Why We Do What We Do.

When we list a home at Nest Realty, we have a list of questions we send our client to answer about what they love about the home, and the surrounding area. We call it the Seller Scoop, and it lets prospective buyers get a feel for the home that a listing description can’t necessarily share.

That really hit home with our newest listing, when we saw this answer:

Nest Realty Seller Scoop

That’s what home is all about. I think it’s easy to forget, as agents, when a sale is just a transaction between buyer and seller. Too much talk in the industry about units sold, about the hustle and grind, about the numbers. To the participants, it’s SO much more than that. It’s a place for memories to be made, for laughter, for tears, for security. Thank you, James and Vanessa, for that reminder. Now let’s sell your home!

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