Should You Interview Your Real Estate Agent?

When you last bought or sold a home, did you interview your real estate agent? Should you interview your real estate agent?

I’m being interviewed right now for a listing. The sellers have provided thoughtful questions, questions that have focused not on “how would you sell my home?”, but more on compatibility, on communication, on substance. They’ve asked for examples of how I’d address this situation, or that situation. Thankfully, they’ve not asked me what kind of animal I’d be (a bear – they’re awesome. Or maybe a dolphin. I don’t know).

A few weeks ago, buyers moving from the Bay Area in CA connected and wanted to interview me for their home search here in the New River Valley. We’ve had such a good time talking about their search, and touring homes via WhatsApp, and their questions have provided insight into who they are, what they’re looking for, and have challenged me. That’s a good thing.

Whether you’re buying or selling a home in the New River Valley, you’re going to “date” your agent for a few months. You should have taken the time to set clear expectations with that person, and they with you – what do you need from them? What are they going to ask of you?  It’ll take some time to properly prep your home for sale, unless you’re following the ‘set a sign and pray’ method. If you’re buying, the right house for you might not be on the market day one, and that’s okay. Make sure you’re working with someone you trust, and who you’ve vetted to ensure they’re constantly listening to your needs and concerns.

Want to interview any of us at Nest Realty? We’d love to tell you our favorite animal – and talk real estate too. Let’s chat.

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