Nest Realty and COVID-19

Tap tap tap – is this thing on?

Been a while since I dusted off the ‘ole blog machine. Is that what we call this thing, I forget. Anyhow, a lot’s happened over the last few years that has taken me away from writing on this quite as often as I once did. I got married. Moved. Had a kid. Bought a business (Nest Realty NRV). Sold a business (Valley Curbside Recycling). Not all in that order. It’s been exciting, and distracting.

But one thing that’s NOT distracting, or at least something that’s gotten everyone’s attention, is COVID-19. By now we’re three weeks or so into this quarantine thing, and the end is yet to be in sight. Thankfully,¬†most everyone is taking this seriously, and let’s all hope that attention to the situation at hand will pull us out of this sooner than later. I think often of the clients who’ve announced they’re currently dealing with COVID-19, and of the friends who’ve lost loved ones already … whether we’re sick or not, it touches all of us.

For the last few weeks, each time Governor Northam has stepped to the podium to speak, the real estate industry in VA has held its collective breath. “Will today be the day he deems real estate a non-essential business?” Thankfully, to date he has not, and all of us are navigating new, uncharted waters daily. That¬†certainly doesn’t mean it’s business as usual; not at all. But it means that housing is still a need in the Commonwealth, and we’re doing what we can to fill that need for buyers and sellers while keeping everyone’s health and safety at the forefront of all we do.

You’ve surely received that email from Random Business USA that tells you all about how they’re operating with your safety in mind. I still don’t know why Chase Bank thinks I’m concerned as to how they’re keeping me and my credit card safe from COVID-19, but nevertheless, every company has done it. If you’d like to see how Nest is operating as an essential business in today’s environment, we wrote a little something about that – you can see that here. If you don’t care, that’s okay, too. Just know that we hope you’re healthy and safe, that your family is healthy and safe, and that you’re doing your part to keep us all healthy and safe.

Thanks for reading this far. Maybe I can do this again soon.

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