Cost-effective Landscaping Tips

Spring is here! By that I mean that we’re between ice storms here in the New River Valley. It’s never a safe bet to assume warm weather is here to stay until at least May but it’s certainly time to start thinking about some simple and cost-effective landscaping ideas.

Good landscaping ticks several boxes. It should be low-maintenance, easy on the eyes, and hopefully help your home values when it’s the right time to sell. You always want to come home and #LiveWhereYouLove

Landscaping also should be cost-effective. A little investment in your lawn can create the curb appeal you need when you’re waiting for an offer. Here are my best tips for cost-effective landscaping:

Fresh mulch goes a long way. From tidying up garden beds to giving an inviting, earthy smell as you walk through the front door, good fresh mulch is a great way to add some appeal to any yard. If you need a little, your local hardware store should have what you need. If you’re looking for a truckload or more, a mulch-yard is a great place to buy in bulk!

You might have a green thumb but your potential buyers might not. Go easy on the high-maintenance perennials and garden beds. For many homes, there’s nothing wrong with grass. Keep it simple and when you’re ready for some color, opt for some beautiful annuals. Crow’s Nest in Price’s Fork is a great place to go to pick up some annuals that work well in our area.

Learn to love pressure washing. Stained concrete just looks dull and grey, and pressure-washing the grime away is a cheap and effective way of cleaning things up. Vinyl siding, brick, and decking can all use an annual pressure wash once the worst of the pollen is gone in late Spring or early Summer.

Finally, this isn’t a landscaping tip, but as you’re outside anyhow, it’s a good one to pay attention to. When I walk up to a listing with clients, as I’m fumbling with the lockbox, they’re looking around at the front of the house. Take a moment to look at your door threshold – does the door need to be changed out, or the frame scraped and painted? A semi-gloss exterior white paint and a couple of hours of work may be all you need to make the front pop.

An amazing yard doesn’t sell a home on its own but it goes a long way when a potential buyer sees the property for the first time. It doesn’t need to be perfectly manicured to send the right impression when someone comes to your door.  Whether you’re looking to spruce up an investment property or add everyday appeal to your own home, these tips should get you moving in the right direction. If you aren’t the do-it-yourself type, don’t hesitate to reach out for some lawn care recommendations too!

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