What’s New In Kitchen Design

Who doesn’t love house shows? Well, I could argue that HGTV is one of the worst things to happen to real estate – We make $30,000 and our budget is $850,000! – but I digress. But whether you watch cable or get your TV fix from Netflix these days, they’re everywhere.

If there’s one room in a house that makes-or-breaks it for a buyer, it’s likely the kitchen. Finding the right one can be hard. You can always change the paint, but counters and cabinets gets pricey when you’re already staring down expenses through the whole process. Whether you’re a potential seller looking to get their home ready for market or a buyer wondering how far your budget will carry you for your dream kitchen, you’re in luck: I want to show you what I see working here in the NRV.

First impressions are everything, and a lot of that comes down to color. Right now, dark kitchens with a lot of contrast are the trend. Brighter colors, whether it’s through the paint, or backsplashes and counters, are quite popular at the moment. And of course, white kitchens have proven to be timeless – everyone can appreciate a white kitchen – as long as they aren’t cleaning it!

You can overdo color, though, and we’ve seen that done a lot with red. A bright red kitchen can be a huge turn-off for somebody walking in the door. Unless red is your favorite color and your hair, car, and fingernails are already that way–skip it. On second thought, maybe skip it altogether, or use it as an accent and not the primary color all around. Buyers are going to be cynical from the outset, so you never want to give somebody a reason to not like a detail walking through. That’s not to say color isn’t good – it can be! Let’s just talk about how to best set the stage so that the color isn’t the main attraction.

There are other touches that are trendy, and for good reason! Farmhouse sinks, for instance, seem like they’re here to stay a while. They break up a countertop nicely and give a kitchen that Chip and Joanna look that people really are into.

Aside from smart color and the right touches when it comes to sinks and fixtures, the best thing I’ve seen in modern kitchens is organization. If you’re like me and balancing a baby, a pet(s), work, and a few side things along the way, having items were you can find them helps out in a big way. I’m a sucker for kitchen appliances – don’t know what they all do, but does that really matter?! There’s no end to the options: sliders for dishes, pans, spices, and all the rest. You can’t have too many, and the organization allows you to have more.

We can revisit this in a year and, just like the market, all this might change. But for now, these are all some kitchen trends that might just help you sell or know what to look for when you buy. If you’re ready to start that process, reach out.

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