Thinking of Remodeling Your Home?

Thinking of remodeling? Before you start going all HGTV on the place, think about what really makes the most sense for your return. And the folks at NAR Research have to put together an incredibly handy look at remodeling projects Рincluding what the Top 20 remodeling projects have been, how happy homeowners (and their future buyers) have been with the work, and what you might expect as a Return on Investment. Hint Рthere are few 100% ROI projects.

Click here for the 2015 Remodeling Impact Report.

2 thoughts on “Thinking of Remodeling Your Home?

  1. Uma

    I had my house remodeled a year ago and it did cost me a lot. But all of the spending was well worth because the house looks really fresh and more comfortable to look. I also hired the best construction company to speed up the renovation.

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