Buying A Home? Here’s What The Process Looks Like.

Last night, I had new clients in the office, and we were talking about the process of buying their first home might look like. They had done some research on the internet, but as with anything on the web, there was a lot of misinformation to wade through, as well.

We were joking that I needed a video of the process, and lo and behold I happen to have one of those! I wanted to explain whether you should be too worried about the pricing and details, orsilly stuffs like if they have the best shower head in the bathroom! Cheesy it may be, but it’s a quick visual of what to expect when you’re buying your home in today’s market.

So, without further adieu – grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!

1 thought on “Buying A Home? Here’s What The Process Looks Like.

  1. Tyler

    I really like the way this video demonstrates the home buying process and about step 8. It makes sense that the mortgage application is an essential part of buying a home that a lot of first-time buyers have trouble with. I’ll have to remember to try to get my finances in order to make sure that later this year when I’m looking to buy a home, my finances won’t get in the way and getting a mortgage is easy and quick.

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