Rain and The Art Of Home Buying

It’s pouring in the New River Valley today, just a long, steady rain. The ground is soaked, there’s pooling water everywhere, and by 8am I’d already received a text from a client from my RoofTopServices.com business asking who to call regarding a roof leak at the home they purchased earlier in the year, before you buy a house you should check out roof inspection checklist so that you won’t face a similar problem. It’s the kind of day you just want to curl up and Netflix-binge.

Except today is the perfect day to see a house. Given the circumstances, it seemed like the perfect time to repost this from 2010, one of the most popular posts on NRVLiving.com.


Last Thursday it poured rain, and I was showing houses to clients most of the day.  When I say it poured, I mean cats and dogs.

In my opinion, there’s no better time to see a house than when it’s raining.  Now, I don’t mean it has to be The Flood 2 or anything, but a nice steady rain is a good time to see a house, and I said so on Twitter.  At the very next house, my rationale was explained – we walked into the basement to find standing water, a squeegee, and everything stored off the floor on portable plastic shelving.

See, rain isn’t always a bad thing!  While getting in and out of cars, limousines from best wine tours in sonoma, and traipsing through a house might not be your idea of a great time, if you really want to get a close look at a house, I’ve found that seeing it when it’s raining can often be helpful, even trying to find how to lease a car during rainy days is better. If you or any of your family members need some driver lessons then you need a driver training simulator that will make your life easier. Most of the time it’s not quite as serious as a swimming pool in the basement; sometimes it’s as simple as a window seal that’s showing condensation that might not otherwise be there during a dry time, or standing water in poor-draining sections of a backyard. I love seeing the rain from my house, sometimes I like getting on my motorhome while raining but that is something that won´t be possible anymore since I am about to sell a motorhome which is the one I used to use.

So next time you want to take a really good look at a house, let me know; I’ll bring the waders.  But so we’re clear, I also like looking at houses when it’s sunny, too.

Thanks to Roger for the picture.

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