Are There More Termites This Year?

TermitesThe short answer? Yes.

it seems like, this year, we are seeing more and more pest inspections come back with evidence of active termite infestation, the bee exterminator cincinnati has reported many cases of infestations. On the surface, that’s not necessarily a big deal, but left untreated, the little buggers can wreak havoc on a structure, and one of the main contingencies of every real estate transaction is an inspection to make sure that there are no active termites (or other critters) at the property.

Earlier today, at the pest inspection of a home, I asked our friend who works at Neighborly Pest MGMT if they were seeing more and more infestations this year. He said that without a doubt, termite activity in the New River Valley was higher this year than in recent years. He said it had to do with the fact that we had a moist spring this year, followed by a dry summer, and the pests are traveling looking for food.

Sean said that termites, when faced with a lack of food, will travel hundreds of feet – subterraneously, don’t look down! – to find a food source. The ones that do the damage are actually blind, seeking out fresh meat wood and leaving pheromones that the rest of the colony then follows. Once they’ve arrived on site, they can quickly do damage to a structure, eating it one sliver at a time.

So … what should you do about termites? First, don’t panic – they’re everywhere, and in the vast majority of cases will have no impact on a home. But make sure to walk around your home and make sure the soil is not in direct contact with the exterior siding. If it is, pull the soil down, and away from the home, so that 6″ or so of the foundation is exposed … termites don’t like to be left out in the open. Additionally, make sure you don’t have wood – like a firewood pile – directly up against the house. This gives them a back door right into your home. Finally, if you want to give your home a thorough checkup, call your local exterminator and have them come out to take a look – they’ll give you an honest assessment not only of the health of your home, but also ways you can ensure your home will stay pest-free with pest control brampton, on to your home.

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