Busking in Blacksburg with Dr. Moon

If you didn’t have to look up the definition of “busking”, good on you. If you haven’t yet, let me help you. I’d never heard the term.

Here’s an interesting five-minute video about Chris Saunders, aka “Dr. Moon”, who can frequently be seen busking on the streets of Blacksburg. I don’t know about you, but (1) I’ve never really stopped to talk to him, and (2) I’ve always enjoyed hearing him play. Whenever I walk by him, I always find a smile on myself.

We need more of this in Blacksburg. We need people actively taking care of others they don’t know, and we need more live music and street performance. There’s a vibrancy that comes from live music, from performers out on the street, interacting with passerby. Let’s continue to tell Blacksburg officials we want this, and we support this.

And next time you see Dr. Moon, let him know you’re grateful. I know I am for the he gave me.

The Appalachian Moon from Michelle on Vimeo.

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