Is Your Realtor Talking? Or Listening


I love this photo.

I was showing homes to clients in June, and they really liked the house. It fit a lot of their criteria, and it was in budget. All was going well. As we walked into the basement, we got to talking about the upgrades that had just been added, and then I looked over and what I saw is in the photo above. So what did I do? I shut up, backed away, and pulled out my camera. Naturally. Haha make sure you get a Vancouver Realtor that know how to act in a similar situation.

If we’ve ever worked together, or if we work together in the future, you SHOULD notice something a little different. My style is not one to point out the kitchen – you can figure out pretty easily which room that is. Besides, with all of the various places on the web that you can find real estate, chances are you know more about certain particulars in the house than I do. My style is to give you some highlights, or things to pay attention to, and then listen. If I’m yapping about transom windows, or polybutylene piping, or the shag carpets, I’m probably gonna miss the verbal cues you’re throwing out. Or, perhaps more importantly, the nonverbal cues.

I’d love the chance to work with you one day, but if we don’t have that opportunity, that’s cool – just make sure your agent is doing more listening than talking. It’s not something I get perfect every time out, but more often than not, I should be. And when I do, cool things happen … like the photo above. Or the one below.

home buying

Choosing the bedroom

(My mom is going to find this post ironic, since the first day of school I came home and told her I wasn’t going back – I had to sit on the Blue Line. When she asked what the Blue Line was, I told her it was for people who talked too much.)

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