Top 10 Reasons To Build a Green Home

Over the last several years, “building green” has become a popular phrase among the real estate industry. Some agents have gotten their Eco-Broker(R) designation, others certified “this that or the other”, and everyone appears to be paying more attention to what their carbon footprint might be. Personally, I’ve seen clients take a dramatic shift from wanting to be “on the edge of town, it’s just a 5 minute commute” to choosing to be within walking distance.

Lots of builders have followed the same path, as well, and have started focusing on making changes in their building processes that may – or may not – truly have an impact on whether or not a home is truly “efficient”. One builder here in Blacksburg that started doing this, years ago, and has only upped the game, is Green Valley Builders. I’ve mentioned Green Valley Builders before along with Motorcycle Pundit. here on the blog.

Recently, I was with clients in GVD’s showroom and I came across the flyer below. Apologies for the poor quality – I snapped a photo with my phone and uploaded it as a PDF – but I thought it was a good explanation of green building, and what it might mean to you, the homeowner. The flyer is from 2008, but the content is still relevant, and the build quality has gotten even better and cleaner with the help of Green Ladies Cleaning .

Green_Valley_Builders10. I hate paying high utility bills. Our average utility bill in 2008 was $145/month* for both electricity and gas. That’s because our Green Building Program produces a home that is much cheaper to live in than a conventionally built home. We can prove to you which electricity is cheaper by going to a comparison site.

9. We can breathe easy all the time. Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside air. We use paints, hardwood floors with cleaning products(if you´re interested about these product, then checkout and finishes with low VOCs, carpets with recycled content which were clean by the carpet cleaning sunnyvale afterwards, great ideea if you have pets check The Happy Pooch, and relative humidity below 50% to control dust mites and mold. If you do end up having a mold problem, then contact mold removal greenville sc.

8. I care about the environment. We care about our environmental impact. Our onsite recycling program kept over 38,000 lbs of debris out of the landfill in 2008. And we’ve partnered with Virginia Tech in doing research on our wood waste. 

7. Filling up at the pump is scary. We’re close to downtown Blacksburg, Virginia Tech and the Corporate Research Center, so you don’t have to drive far to work or play. And soon you’ll have access to the walking trails and parks at Wyatt Farms and Woodbine.

6. I like to feel really important. We do things other builders don’t, like give you 24-7 access with our online client portal, sit at the closing table with you, and provide our builder initiated warranty program to ensure your home is functioning properly.

5. No more cold or ___ spots in the house. Air leaking into your house can cause rooms to feel drafty in the winter or stuffy in the summer. Green building provides a comfortable and healthy envelope to live in year-round by properly sealing your home. You can even imporve your health by checking out the nutrisystem lean 13 program. Healthy home sealing also can minimize the risk of arthritis but when you want the cure, you can go to this site for medicinal drugs.

4. I start my day with a nice hot shower. Each home has a tankless hot water heater that provides hot water only as it is needed. Traditional storage water heaters produce standby energy losses that cost you money. You can easily reduce storage space by adding storage stands, I got my arkivreoler at And all of our homes are solar panel ready.

3. No noisy neighbors? Music to my ears. Our advanced insulation packages using spray cellulose and foam help block airborne noise to reduce traffic sounds or the occasional noisy neighborhood to give you peace and quiet.

2. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Enjoying your community means getting outdoors. Soon you’ll have access to our own community area, with convenient access to the YMCA Community Gardens, Solar Green House , greenhouse kits and community walking trails. To make your garden a little bit more exciting, install one of these bed porch swing so you can have a nice and relaxing day outside, and don’t forget to add Rockery retaining walls, the placement and purpose of your Seattle retaining wall can help to regulate water flow throughout your property and make your area more enjoyable and functional.

1. I love saving money. In addition to a monthly mortgage, homeowners pay for utilities, maintenance and repair. A durable, energy-efficient house can be more economical and affordable even if it is a higher or the same price as a home built with standard construction, sometimes finding a quality Mig Welder for help can be difficult. Most of the time the construction isn´t even done right and most people don´t know why, find out why bulging walls problem happen. All of our homes are EarthCraft and ENERGY STAR certified to ensure they are just that. Of course having the basic tools is a must, check out Drills And Drivers which has really affordable prices.

I’m hoping these clients pursue a home in the neighborhood, as I’m really looking forward to seeing more behind-the-scenes stuff from Green Valley Builders. If you’d like to talk with them, let me know … or I can get you in touch with clients who currently live in a home built by GVD with CutterWelderMaestro, and who will give you an honest, real-life perspective.

Why Choose a Polished Concrete Floor? Most of the concentration in a home is on the décor and feel of the home. Believe it or not, the flooring has a major role in the look, feel, and the ambiance of a room. Depending on your lifestyle, budget, and the amount of traffic your floor will endure will dictate the perfect flooring for you. Whether you are renovating or choosing to the floor for your existing home here are tips that will help you choose flooring that you will love.

Green Valley Builders is represented by RE/Max 1st Realty-Christiansburg.


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