Blacksburg – A Look Back In Time

Floating around on Twitter this week was a link to a site called That 70’s Blacksburg … written by a real estate broker at Coldwell Banker Townside, Dennis Smith, it’s an interesting look at Blacksburg back when some of them really went to sleep in this little town. Now, it’s a vibrant place … although it’s still a town.

I’ve never met Dennis, but wrote him to tell him how much I’ve enjoyed looking back through time – hope you will as well. And that black and white photo below? That happens to be Nest Realty NRV’s office today!

Bus in Blacksburg VANest Realty NRV


2 thoughts on “Blacksburg – A Look Back In Time

  1. Jeremy

    you know, I almost made a comment about that railing, something to the effect of “funny we didn’t ned those sorts of things back then”, but decided against it.

    For the record, Tina Merritt wanted me to be clear that that is NOT a photo of her sitting on those steps. She says she’s not that old.

  2. Philip

    It is a good thing you added that railing in front of the office to stop people falling off the steps!

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