32 Tips for First-Time Buyers

A month or so ago, I was contacted by a guy named Scott Riley, at HomeBuyerNation.com. I don’t know Scott Riley, and I have never heard of his website at HomeBuyerNation.com, but he asked a unique question for a post he was writing, so I played along, expecting that I really wouldn’t hear from him again. Turns out I was wrong.

He wanted to know what was the one tip I would give every first-time home buyer.

Without a doubt, I told him the number one tip I’d give every first-time home buyer would be to take your time. That perfect house isn’t out there, so take your time to understand the process, get comfortable, and enjoy it.

The title of Scott’s post is “32 Home Buying Tips from Some of the World’s Most Popular Realtors” is misleading; I must be an outlier since I’m certainly nowhere close to “one of the best” (although there are some GREAT ones that responded to Scott’s article, include Nest Realty‘s own Jim Duncan), but I thought one thing was interested that he touched on … none of us knew what the others were saying, but a couple of things were repeated as great tips for first-time buyers that I think are important, including (1) take your time (brilliant suggestion, if I do say so myself), and (2) buy with your future in mind. The best decisions are made when you act deliberately and rationally, and when you buy not for your current situation, but what you anticipate your future situation to be. As I like to remind ALL of my buyers, “buy not just for yourself, but for your future buyer.” Sure, you love that spiral staircase that requires you to tap dance down the stairs on the tips of your toes, but are you eliminating a large part of your buyer pool when you go to sell?

You can read the full post here. Thanks for letting me participate, Scott.

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